Thursday, August 8, 2013

DORIAN GRAY! TOTAL ECLIPSE! the TWO FLOOR Edition {aka: Darkness Falls}

{Did that really happen?}

At least 10 people came up to me and told me last night was like the 90's again...AND they meant it as a compliment!!! I mean a night like THIS, TWO FLOORS...on a WEDNESDAY!?!?!??! Those of us who were actually there then remember how it was...and there was definitely some of that magic last night at Dorian Gray! The addition of the first floor didn't seem to slow it down...exactly the seemed to open us up even more....the young and old...the decadent and the everyday mingled and danced and drank like glittering harpies screaming in flight.....

At one point i stood on the staircase in sort of a purgatory between the two floors and thought...this...THIS is my life....a life a dream for myself when i was a teenager...a life i chose and created from nothing....a life i always wanted for myself....

NYC...we are all coming for sons and daughters of the darkness...we are here to pull you back into the force you to stare into the void once again!!!!! 

Thank you again to 
Kayvon and Anna for facilitating our debaucheries!!! For my upstairs partner in the Grand Gignol Johanna Constantine...and our lovely cyborg guest DJ Hi Fi Hillary!!!! And i welcome with open wings the arrival of Sean Templar And Mandana Banshie along with Guest DJ Joe Cyn turning the downstairs into a true dead mans party!!!!

And to all the performers...and to all the Dollies and Dandies for looking so sexy and sweaty...for all your feathers and lace....your forlorn looks and devilish dance moves....all this is FOR you...all this is BECAUSE of all of you!!!!

Until next week Keep those portraits safe in your attics!!!!


P.S. enjoy my set lists!!!!


the Man Who Sold the World: Midge Ure
Angel Tongue: Light Asylum
Photographic: Depeche Mode
We Are Glass: Gary Numan
the Late Mistake: Comateens
Lawnchairs: Our Daughters Wedding
Kids in America: Kim Wilde
No More WOrds: berlin
Love Parasite: Fad Gadget
Figures: Absolute Body Control

{Hi Fi Hillary!}

{DJ's PUREVILE! & HiFI Hillary}


Pleasure Boys {Dance Mix}: Visage
Guilty {New Version}: Classix Nouveaux
Temptation: Heaven 17
Wonderful Life{Arthur Baker remix}: the Hurts
Secret{Extended Mix}: OMD
Until December{Blue Mix}: Until December
Mothers Talk: tears for Fears
Opportunities{Lets Make Lots of Money}: Pet Shop Boys
Silent Morning: Noel

{Johanna Constantine}


Total Eclipse{remake}: Man Parrish and Klaus Nomi
Fingers and Thumbs{Cold Summers Day}: Erasure
2nd Floor: Creatures
My Heart Goes BANG{Get me to the Doctor}: dead or Alive
Video Killed the Radio Star{Matt Mix}: Buggles
I Fell Love/ johnny Remember Me: Marc Almond and Jimmy Sommerville

{Dylan Monroe's lovely asssssss}

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