Thursday, August 1, 2013

DORIAN GRAY: Soft as Snow but Warm Inside: the Setlist July 30th!

{Such a Pretty Mess......}

Dorian Gray last night was once again a BLITZ of beauty....Flesh and feathers streaked with glitter and latex....Snarling eyes and glittering nipples.....smoke and lights and sweat and sinewy bodies pressed tight in the red lights.....

Its just all so fucking BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I sometimes catch myself behind the DJ booth having a moment and staring out into this crowd amazed at my life the beauty i come across weekly and the opportunity i have to do THIS!!! Something i dreamed of since i was a teen traipsing around Manhattan's nightlife be a part of the glittering masses...Some people see clubs as some kind of artifice, a false world full of fake people and predators...and while yes there is that aspect.... for some of us...for MOST of us..."Going out" was a chance to be let loose the trails and tribulations of the day and to be truly smear on some lipstick and backcomb our hair and to spend the night with like minded creatures dancing like dervishes to magickal musicks ...Music that changed us and made us who we that saved our lives more than the enchanting beat of the made me who i am and I'm eternally grateful......and I'm BLESSED to be able to share some of this music will all of you.....So i hope you enjoy and i hope it sets you free like it did/does me!!!!

And once again thank you KAYVON and ANNA for the opportunity and to Johanna and guest DJ XRIS SMACK for sharing the night with me!!! To all the performers and for all the Dollies and Dandies out there my eternal thanks...and until next week keep those portraits safe in your attics!!!!!


P.S. Also if you missed the news DORIAN GREY is expanding to TWO FLOORS!!!! Downstairs will be resident DJ Sean Templar spinning dark goth and sexy death rock for all you coffin kitties!!!! With his lovely lady Mandana hosting!!!! What an amazing addition to the Dorin family! Sean and i have been friends since college and he will bring a wealth of musical  knowledge and dark beauty to the night!!!! he will have you dancing to your GRAVE!!!!


Real Goths: Mode Modern
Eisbar: Wolkenfanger und Sternendreiter
Vessel: Zola Jesus
Compulsion: Martin Gore
Soft as Snow {but Warm Inside}: My Bloody Valentine
Underpass {Extended}: John Foxx
Beast of Burden{take a walk}: Attrittion
Eclipse{1988}: Kirilian camera
Confetti: Cold Cave
Over: Azar Swan
Broken by Silence: Mirrors
Sometimes I Wish: Pink and Black
Fetish: Vicious Pink

{Elena and Kristen}


Open Arms, Empty Air: Unextrodianry Gentlemen
Another Day: Neils Children
Dive: Bauhaus
Song From the Edge of the World: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Effigey {Im not a}: Minisrty
Telephone Operator: Pete Shelly
Brothers: D.A.F.
Living on Video {LP Version}: Trans-X
Touch, Pt1: Seccession
Dancing in Heaven {Orbital Be-Bop}: Q-Feel
Girls on Film: Duran Duran
Let ME Go: Heaven 17
the Metro: Berlin
New Toy:Lene Lovich
Never Say Never: Romeo Void


Heaven {Owlie Remix}: Depeche Mode
Atomic '98 {Xenomania mix}: Blondie
Ypur Retro Carreer Melter: the Faint
I'm Afraid of Americans: david Bowie
Nature of Inviting{Black Light Odyssey Mix}: IAMX
Russian radio {Razormaid mix}: Red Flag
Who Needs Love Like That? {Hamburg Mix}: erasure
Bedsitter {Manhattan Clique Mix}: Soft Cell
State Farm {Madhouse Mix}: YAZ 

Running up that Hill {Matt Pop mix}: Kate Bush

{thanks JEFFO! for this mix!}

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