Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wellcome Collection: One of my Favourite London Locations

"Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome (1853-1936): Pharmacist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and collector

Henry Wellcome had an early interest in medicine and marketing. The first product he advertised was 'invisible ink' (just lemon juice, in fact). In 1880, he joined his college friend Silas Burroughs in setting up a pharmaceutical company, Burroughs Wellcome & Co. They were one of the first to introduce medicine in tablet form under the 1884 trademark 'Tabloid'; previously medicines had been sold as powders or liquids.
When Burroughs died in 1895, the company flourished under Sir Henry's leadership. He went on to establish world-class medical research laboratories and amassed the world's most impressive collections relating to medicine and health through the ages.
Wellcome Collection is now housed in the original Wellcome Building (built to Sir Henry's specifications in 1932), which is next door to the headquarters of the Wellcome Trust, his philanthropic legacy. His vision was to create a space to house his collections, where professionals could come to learn more about the development of medicine and medical science."
from the Wellcome Collection website

The time before last when i went to London i stayed near in Euston...and  just down the block from my hotel i found the Wellcome Collection.....I was delighted....To me it was like opening a pandoras box.....Filled with the exact kind of creepy i revel in ......Sometimes the revolving collections are interesting but more than anything I'm interested in their permeant collection!!!!!

Henry Wellcome collected a myriad of things all of which interest  me terribly...between strange sexual devices to prosthetic limbs...Memento Mori and mummies his Collections is extensive AND eclectic...just the way i like it...did i mention Prosthetic limbs?!?!?!

So this past summer when i went i naturally had to go back...and as usual i was NOT disappointed!!!!

Walking inside is like entering a giant Wunderkammer.....full of dreadful delights and amazing mysteries to tantalize all the senses...needless to say i spent ALOT of time in here...

the entrance to the permanent collection

Bone saws...

Clay organs...including removeable/interchangeable genitals 

one of the most beautiful prosthetic arms I've ever seen

Miniature ivory  Biological model with removable organs

Phallus charms 

Memento Mori

A Memento Mori  wax sculpture of a head over a human skull with real human hair...this hands down is one of my most favorite pieces of the whole collection.....I imagine myself breaking in a t night and cutting this free with a glass cutter old school spy movie style!!!

an actual mummified human

walking sticks

actual pieces of tattooed human flesh

the worlds most decadent snuff box!!!! a giant Rams head!!!!

Prosthetic limbs

So most definitely if your ever in London i implore you to take the tube to the Euston station {Victoria, Northern and London Overground lines} and visit the Wellcome Collection....Its FREE...and more than worth it!!! and if your anything like me you'll be delighted for HOURS!!!


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