Monday, May 20, 2013


So yesterday was POP SOUK...the downtown extravaganza put on by Ladyfag and her amazing team.....a collection of artists and DJ's and personalities who get a chance to show their talents and sell their wares...a place to see and be seen.....a true celebration of art AND the artist!!!

This is the PUREVILE! set many new pieces and even some new "fixturing".... This was my SECOND time at the even and i was so excited because last year was so exciting...the pace...the people...It was a cacophony of amazingly talented and beautiful people all together in one space...the energy was immense and infectious and i was looking forward to that again this year and most definitely was NOT disappointed!!! 

I had been working FEVERISHLY on a ton of new pieces to showcase at the sale including my new "collection"..."the URCHIN"..... as well as pieces like the ones below...

I got to see many friends both old and new including Mr Scooter LaForge!!! A super talented artist in his own right and a total sweetheart!!! The picture above is of me, Scooter and my dear friend Shane who also is known as SEVERELY MAME!!!

                                    Scooter and I Giving you "New York Moments" for DAYS!!!

This is a beautiful shot of Ms Ladyfag herself with amazing friend and cohort for the day Jessica and her friend striking a quick pose at the beginning of the day before insanity the insanity  began!!!

Jessica modeled one of my new feels so Diane Vreeland to me ..Ne C'est Pas!?!?!?

Not all the patrons were as delightfully underdressed as THIS particular one.....

This was  a portrait done by the artist Ian Skalarsky...He does "Blind Contour Drawing"...which consists of him using one continuous line to do the portrait while barely if ever looking at the paper....He did a great job including ALL my accessories!!!!

It was a truly amazing day filled with so much laughter and fun...So many of my amazing friends came to visit which means so much to me i don't think they even know...Sometimes i don't have too much time to talk tot hem because its so busy...but I am aware of each one of them and it really makwes it all worth it knowing your friends support you!!!

What i do is so isolating sometimes...I work alone...i collect alone....i don't always get to collaborate or have human contact and it can be very lonely...So when friends come by to give me a hug and share a laugh and maybe even to buy really makes it all worth legitimizes me in a way nothing else can....and i love them for it!!!!

So despite the weather It was a huge success!!!  the rain couldn't keep the children away from such fantastic trinkets!!!! It was truly A beautiful day filled with strange and Brilliant Creatures....I went home exhausted but satisfied knowing that it was all worth it...

So thank you again to Ladyfag and her team...To my dear Jessica for helping me and for putting up with the insanity that is me...for all the friends who supported me and who always do.... for all the new friends i made and all the internet friends i got to meet in person!!!! THANK YOU for helping me make my dreams come true and for helping me make the world just a bit more PUREVILE!!!!

{sleepless nights and bone glue burns and arthritic cramps....they all were worth it....}


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