Thursday, May 2, 2013

Meeting Mr Ryden

I have been a huge fan of Mark Ryden for YEARS now....He and i share MANY obsessions and he has even encouraged new ones in me.... He is a master at juxtaposition because NOTHING is by look at his sketches for paintings and you'll see the calculations that go into his work...mathematics...mysticism...symbolism...these are all used to copses his paintings...nothing is an accident....everything has a relation to each other and form a complete painting rife with symbolism that is both obvious and hidden...and its the hidden that makes his work the most magical!!!! Full of wonder and amazement...equally macabre and camp....filled with the sacred and the profane...and yes Abraham Lincoln....His painting evoke joy no matter the subject and always make me smile

He has recently released 2 new books "PIXIT" which is a compilation of sorts of all his work over the years...beautifully oversized with sketches and detailed close ups of many iconic paintings....his other is called "the Gay 90's" celebrating the candy colored decadence of that era {1890's that is!!!} with some amazing pieces that are a surprising but delightful departure from his usual faire..... In celebration of these releases he had a book signing at the Paul Kasmin Gallery Shop in NYC....I was simply THRILLED to finally meet someone who's work has been a huge influence on me through the years!!!!

I decided to wear some appropriate pieces for the show....Doll parts seemed sensible since most of the people in his paintings resemble dolls or wide eyed Keene-esque children

I also thought it would be nice to make him a PUREVILE! piece , since he has inspired and delighted me so much over the i made him an eye brooch....eyes are one of Marks obsessions as well as mine and they appear in a lot of his work, and mine as well, so i felt like this was an appropriate gift 

a porcelain Lincoln pushing a cart of meat!!! who DOESNT want that!?!?!? photo bomb courtesy of ME!!!!

My friend Shane {aka Severly Mame,}and i  got there early for a good spot and were about 4th and 5th on line..... behind an extremely sweet shy CUTE boy who was as entertained by us as we were enamored with him!!!! 

..When we entered the small shop we got to see some amazing prints and limited edition books and pieces...the porcelain Lincoln piece with the meat wagon {photo above} was a favorite....

One of the nicer things was they let us in 6 people at a time so you didn't feel rushed and were able to spend a little time talking to him...the staff was also very nice and accommodating at took some photos of the two of us for their Facebook/instagram!!!! Thanks Ladies!!!!

Bookmarks were given as little thank you gifts and i was lucky enough to get one each for both of my books!!!! a delightful little give-a-way!!!

I just LOVED Marks authenticity stamp...{notice the eye!!!}{bootleggers BEWARE!!!}

 When we got up to him Shane was first and before he could even put his book down Mark asked "can i take your picture" which Shane naturally obliged!!! He inquired about Shanes necklace which was indeed PUREVILE! then Shane told him "oh my friend Wren here made it" and gestured to me to which Mark asked "can i take BOTH your photos"!!! We were DELIGHTED to say the least!!!! Then i presented Mark with the brooch and he asked "can i open it???" and naturally i said yes...then once he saw it and smiled he asked "can i wear it NOW?!?!?" ...again i was ELATED...i mean here was a man who's paintings i poured over for years...someone who i repeated and inspired me and he was asking ME about MY work...It was a dream come true!!!!!

All in all a wonderful time with a wonderful man and artist!!!!! Thank you Mark!!!! 


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