Sunday, March 25, 2012

LICK FAT BOYS: the Early Art of Keith Haring

Keith Haring has always been an artist I have been a fan of since I was young...reading about his exploits in Details magazine....Seeing his work all over NYC in the 80's...He is someone and his art is something  that reminds me so much of that time...and specifically of NYC at that time...a still dangerous dirty and excitingly sexy place.....filled with people excited to create and cover the city in their work.....

He was where I wanted to be with people I wanted to be with....and he was broke {well initially} and creating "public art" in a time when it was still just called "Graffitti".....but his work spoke top me...the simple primitive lines...the symbolic repetition of iconic imagery....and the simple and cheap way he produced everything was just happy and fun...glowing babies...3 eyed squares...snakes and ufos...and all those penis'...shooting lasers....or sperm....I loved the dichotomy of something that seemed so childlike {cartoons} that was so ADULT sometimes...i mean he was VERY sexual and felt with sexual issues at a time when THAT was still taboo...same sex sex and AIDS were issues he felt with as a gay man and as an artist....and it carried through his work....Allthough it always seemed to remain positive....He made work that made me think...I WANT TO MAKE ART....because he made it accessible and was RIGHT THERE next to you on the was done with chalk or a marker...I could do something like that too!!!!!

This specific exhibit delt with Keith's early years just before he started to become recognized and famous.....Keith as a student at SVA......Keith during his time in a more exciting NY filled with art and artists starving but so happy to make art however they could....There's some early sketchbook work...and even pieces from the subway that were literally ripped from the walls....everything seemed so exciting and inspired...people still seemed to care about creating made me feel excited made me remember being that young and made me want to create!!!!

So thanks you Mr Haring ...for inspiring me then...and for continuing to inspire me now!!!!


play THIS and check out the photos i took!!!


What a little cutie here!!!!

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