Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jobraith: Fey Space Clown

I became OBSESSED with Jobraith when i found out that allegedly "Velvet Goldmine" ripped off his album cover in the movie...In his cover he is laying on his stomach nude and slowly turning into a crumbling statue..I mean wouldn't YOU be obsessed too???? 

Jobraith never got the fame of a Bowie or the critical acclaim of a Marc Bolan..but he had something that they only played around with for publicity stunts...he was GAY...he was very very GAY!!!! and his songs reflected that...a glam that teetered on the side of Elton John sometimes....Jobraith sang spacey love songs to aliens and thugs....and even an ode to blow-jobs......he even wore the designs of a then still unknown Stephen Sprouse......but like many FABULOUS things he faded fast....he dropped out of the Glam life and changed his name and became a lounge singer and died in obscurity in NYC...luckily MORRISSEY also became obsessed with him and actually released his records on cd....

Rest in Peace Jobraith.....with your Spaceous Clothes and Open Toes...your Pierrott's and Clara may not have had the fame you desired but you had style......and your star burned bright!!!


P.S> heres my FAVE Jobraith song..."I'maman"

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