Sunday, March 11, 2012


So last night was AMAZING...and ...hmmm...interesting.....The start of the night featured a crowd we don't usually cater to at DISKO...but the danced and drank...and about midway our world collided and our usual crowd started to filter in.....All in all it was a successful night of "dancing...laughing...drinking...LOVING...." Filled with AMAZING music and STUNNING friends.....

SO here for your perusal is MY set-list from last night....THANK YOU's go to DJ PATRICK and DJ HIFI HILLARY for bringing their New Wave best AS USUAL...For my partner in crimes of love and fashion Ms SHIEN LEE...door girl extrordinairee SANDRA...and of corse all of YOU for coming and supporting!!!!

P.S. SPECIAL thanks to JOHN for filling my setlist with magical surprises!!!!! You have ALWAYS supported DISKO and i thank you as a patron and as a friend!!!!


Set 1:

Synchro: Charles De Goal
Barbarella: Bongos
Suicide-a-go-go: Big in Japan
Be a Boy: Gina-X
I want to be Free: Toyah
Xerox: Adam and the Antz
Louis Quatourse: Bow Wow Wow
In the Name of Love: Thompson Twins
Love Parasite: FAd Gadget
Effegy: Misistry
Damned Don't Cry: Visage

Romanticide: Combo Audio
Late Mistake: Comateens
Echo Beach: Martha and the Muffins
Decay {12 inch}: Figures on a Beach
Temptation: Heaven 17
Rock and Roll is DEAD: Kings Have Long Arms
Heart: Pet Shop Boys
Young Hearts of Europe{mix} U-Bahn X
That's the Way I like it: Dead or Alive
Sometimes I wish {Dramadance USA Mix}: Pink and Black
Galbi: Ofra Haza

Let's Go All the Way: Sly Fox
Situations: Cetu Javu
Great Commandment: Camoflague
Broken Heart {UK remix}: Red Flag
Will You Be There?: Celebrate the Nun
Jack and Jill Party: Pete Burns

Final Song:

Big in Japan {Demo remix}: Alphaville

[a deviation from the usual final song as a request for my friend CoCo}

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  1. Little french I am is very glad to read you opened with Charles de Goal!!!
    I live in Paris, but plan a trip to NYC in april/may and attend a Disko Nouveaux (or DoV) night.
    Meanwhile, I am copying your playlist on Spotify to set me in the mood