Sunday, December 11, 2011


So this year was my 4th {I think} time doing the Craftacular....and the new venue was amazing!!!!! I had a great day filled with new friends and old ones....I made So many sales and so many new connections....but I wanted to thank some people....Nikki Hung from BUST...without her I would NOT have been in this years show....ALL the ladies at BUST have just been amazing...Ms Gabi Porter photog extrodinairre who has never taken a bad pic of me!!!! for all my friends and co-workers old and new who came to support BIG BIG LOVE to you all...and to right hand lady...for serious I would NOT have made it though the day without you AND you were hung over on a few hours sleep...a TRUE TRUE friend indeed!!!!

i just want to say....PUREVILE! ahs been a dream of mine in one way or another since high school...that's about 20 years or so.....It's somethign I worked hard to come to fruitiion and something i continue to work hard to isn't easy...and sometimes I miss it is all worth it...and I hope all of you understand that......I am just trying my hardest to make a dream of mine come true....

Ok enough with the diatribe...please enjoy some pictures of my booth and some of the newest pieces i had made....and remeber...'THE REVOLUTION WILL BE ACCESSORIZED!!!"


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