Sunday, December 4, 2011


Come see ME!!!! ( and 200 other craft and food vendors at the BUST HOLIDAY CRAFTACULAR!!!! this year it's 2 full days but I will ONLY BE THERE SATURDAY!!!!!!!! But PLEASE come and not only support me...but all the other small buisnesses!!!! Theres everything from food to soap to jewelry to Jay McCaroll from Project Runway Season One!!!!

i will have a TON of new things!!! From Earrings to Bowties....necklaces and collars.....jockstraps and headpieces......BIG pieces and smaller gifty things....all NE NEW NEW...Come see what i do AFTER I come home from a full day at work!!!!! then you will know why I am so tired all the time!!!! but growing PUREVILE! is so worth it!!!!! So come by to shop....or to just say "Hi" to me and my frend Micol who has voulnteered to help me all day!!!

Get there early for some sweet gift bags...stay late for drinks and DJ's!!!!! Hope to see you all there!!!!


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