Sunday, December 4, 2011

Leave the BOY Alone!!!!

I am GAGGING!!!!! i mean ever since i was a teenager i wanted EVERYTHING by BOY London...over the years I managed to get a hat...a tee shirt...and a belt buckle...and a catalogue i JUST got on my last trip to London.....all prized possessions...some of which are no longer with me....however..... now they are re-launching some of the classic BOY London looks!!!!!

 And i STILL want EVERYTHING!!!!! I used to be OBSESSED with the leggings!!!! {Not something i could pull of now but maybe the BOY 1984 shirt will suffice!!!!!} And i am not one for baseball caps...but maybe I would make an exception fot THIS one.....I am so excited that they are ressurecting this brand for a whole new generation of kids to be obsessed with!!!! And for us old skoolers to STILL be obsessed with!!!!

Check out... more products!!!!!


and YES thats me at 15 with my first BOY LONDON shirt....who knows where THAT is now...

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