Saturday, April 13, 2013

Conjurer's Kitchen: Decadently Macabre Delights

 In a world filled with forgettable cakes and boring artisanal chocolates someone is finally injecting some life {so to speak} into the genre... Annabel de Vetten-Peterson also known as Annabel Lecter {LOVE!!!} runs a bakery called "Conjurer's Kitchen" where she creates magical chocolate oddities and cakes fit for a turn of the century Cabinet of Curiosities..... or a serial killers refridgerator perhaps.... 

Someone had sent me a link to this cake below and i was quite impressed with the use off skulls on a wedding cake...imagine my delight when i realized the skulls were edible AND chocolate!!!! Not just creepy for the sake of being creepy......but truly magical and stunningly realistic.....from for to color to scale...these morbid morsels are as scientifically accurate as they are sublimely delicious!!!!!

Then on a recent trip to Obscura a realized that they were selling her wares there including this custom made AND hand painted chocolate skull pictured below!!!! Almost a shame to eat such a beautiful and detailed work of art.... The painting and font recall Memento Mori skulls and once again the detail was just stunning...THIS is the work of a true and dedicated artisan!!!!

Macabre and Chiling...Morbid and delicious.....Annabel's deft hands create babies heads...sinewy muscle.... severed limbs...conjoined skulls... and many other dark delights from delicious cakes and  Chocolates!!!! Not everything she does is so Macabre...but everything is pretty ingenious...from a full Christmas dinner made from cake to a cake that looks made from cold cuts!!!!

So please check out her work....She's in the UK but I'm SURE shed be willing to ship to the US...or else go to Obscura and get yourself a fiendish little treat!!!!


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