Sunday, April 21, 2013

Articulated Bat Skeleton Class at the Morbid Anatomy Library

So I have taken a few classes at the Morbid Anantomy Library at the Gowanus Reading Room {Mouse taxidermy, Victorian Hair art} i was so excited for this....a bat articulation class complete with environment and Glass Dome!!!!! 

Curated by Laetitia Barbier and  Wilder Duncan It was a chance to create a one of a kind curio to display in ones home much like the Victorians before insight curiosity and wonder...even within ones home....

We were provided with one bat skelton and a glass dome and various times to create an "environment" with...

First we dis-articulated the bat as to pose it more naturally and to our own whims....

Then we created the environment...i used branches and leaves to create a canopy...I also brought some cicada skins and a snail shell and petrified hornets nest to add to the natural authenticity of it all

I then added my re-articulated bat and posed it to fit within the dome...much gluing together of fingers and dropping and almost losing of TINY TINY bones well as much hilarity....

Et VIOLÁ!!! One twice articulated bat in a "natural" environment under a glass dome!!!! Now i have a self created beauty to add to my Wunderkammer !!!! I had a great time and am pretty proud of my work considering this is my first {yet surely not LAST} time  doing this!!!!!

Thanks Morbid Anatomy Library for this opportunity...and for simply exhausting!!


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  1. Looks great! I so wish we had a Morbid Anatomy Library equivalent here in LA. All the classes look like so much fun!