Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quay Brothers: On Deciphering the Pharmacist's Prescription for Lip-Reading Puppets at the MOMA

I NEED to go back again... {and again and again and again and again....}

I mean theres really no need to ask if the Quay Brothers influenced me really....just look at my work and what i do....there's a thread that runs through our work....I mean come on.....their brand of creepy nostalgia...reverence for the old and the rusted...the dusty and forgotten...a well shadowed interior.... the things dreams are made of.....and the DOLLS...all the lovely broken know what a weakness i have for them.......all of this is a HUGE influence on what i do...and how i live and decorate my home.....

Needless to say i was OVERJOYED to hear they were having a retrospective at the MOMA especially after seeing a sneak peek at Parsons {Pratt?} in 2006 where they featured some of their sets...THAT was stunning so i could ONLY imagine......

So....these two foppish brothers have made some stunningly amazing stop motion films....most of which i was VERY familiar with {as I'm sure you all are too...} but the one thing i was amazed at during my visit to the exhibit was how much ILLUSTRATION work they did!!! Stark and stunning work influenced by Polish artists....surreal and disturbing...they we so prolific!!! I had no idea!!!!! They also had many examples of student work and even some childhood paintings and was a glimpse behind the magic and into the lives of these two extraordinary twins....a world i was more than happy to be immersed in!!!!

Plan on a few hours to see the exhibit...there 88 minutes of footage ALONE not to mention all the artwork AND the miniature sets that are downstairs by the screening room DONT MISS THOSE...also if your as slick as me and dress nicely so the old PR Queen of a guard turns a blind eye to let you take photos well good on you!!! If not BEWARE no photos allowed...but heres some i secretly snapped for your enjoyment....

MAny videos were shown....from stop motion work to sets they designed to commercials they made to help pay for their REAL art....THIS is one of their most famous.."Street of Crocodiles"...SO dark and lovely....truly a magical piece of work to be sure!!!!!

Heres some show information....

Quay Brothers: On Deciphering the Pharmacist's Prescription for Lip-Reading Puppets

August 12, 2012–January 7, 2013
Theater 2 Gallery
Theater 1 Gallery
First floor
Second floor

Heres a little promo animation they did for the show...

SO i IMPLORE you to go...{and bring me so i can oooh and ahhh next to you!!!!} experience the amazing work of these two brothers...see a little of their secrets....and just be in quiet awe of their work....truly inspirational!!


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