Saturday, June 2, 2012

John Koviak: Gothic Pin Up Boy

Its the later part of the 80's and I'm sitting in my friend Daves room...the only person who knew my "secret" {although I'm sure MANY knew i was GAY}....we are pouring over the new issue of Propaganda and I am just dying over one Mr John me at the time none was more perfect...the palest, most sinewey, androgonisy dark romantic creature to ever emerge from a smoky club dance floor....perfect slashes of lipstick and eyeshadow...snow white skin stretched over a skeletal ribcage.....and the most perfect hair i had ever some creature carved of marble he invaded my fantasies and kept my daydreams...and night ones....filled with dark romance..... As far as i was concerned he WAS Propaganda...and I'm SURE many agree with me...he became the Goth male archetype....and many modeled themselves after him...or at least tried....

AND he was in a BAND...... the legendary "London After Midnight" which was another part of the fantasy...those LA Goth bands always got over the top and dramatic in look and in sound.... and they were no different....Lavish and gorgeous they stalked the stage like sexual deamons....singing about coffins and girls dying while having sex with know...the usual....but for me there was only John....

and the years passed and i expanded my horizons especially in the area of MEN.....but one day i needed up in LA in Helter Skelter and was at the bar and turned to my left to see the man himself...still looking amazing if not a little more "butch"...i proceeded to make a fool of myself and acted like a 16 year old girl...he was so gracious and kind and i left satisfied.....

So i present you some photos of Goths main Pin Up Boy......I hope you enjoy them as I once did!!!!



  1. Hubbah hubbah!

    I remember this, too. I had a guy-friend who was always talking about this John Koviak back then. We lived in the Pasadena area, perhaps it was...You?