Monday, May 28, 2012



Bedlam is was like walking into my apartment....a dark abattoir filled with medical oddities and taxidermy...It was heaven....and I was THRILLED to have been able to guest DJ at Dark Bar!!!!

and even though the night got filled with weekend warriors.....I took care of that with some darker tunes and the night once again became OURS!!!!!

SO thanks to Hillary {and Sean in absentia} for having me...enjoy my setlist and some photos from the night!!!


Boys: Bauhaus
Vile bodies: Tik and Tok
Give it to her: Ipso Facto
No Tears: Tuxedomoon
Looking Through Gary Gilmores Eyes: the Adverts
Strange neighbors: Plastic Flowers
Here are the roses; Dragons
Crisis: Frank {just Frank}

Tattoo:  Siouxsie {the BIRTHDAY GIRL}
Animals {feat Holly Miranda}: Creep
Lowlights {Cruel Black Dove mix}: Bell Hollow
Let the Anger in: Thin Crawl
Angel Tongue; Light Asylum
Young and Gay; Austra
a Few Hours After This: the Cure
Firestarter: Blouse
Life in the Gladhouse: Modern English
Louise: Xymox
a Crow and a Baby: Human League

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