Sunday, July 29, 2012

Up Above: Jobriath's apartment at the Chelsea Hotel

On the roof of the Chelsea Hotel is an amazing pyramid apartment where Jobraith lived...and died....It is an amazing piece of NY history and is one of the most magical things i have seen in NYC....if your standing in front of the hotel it is directly in the center above the entrance.....its just so quaint...a small refuge from the busy city....I was extremely excited when i had found out about this little treasure.....

However.......I heard a rumor that during the "renovation" of the hotel that this will be getting gutted...I really hope not..... 

So continuing with my Jobraith theme....Heres he is as his other alter ego "Cole Berlin" performing an amazing song about New York City.... INSIDE the apartment...a small rare glimpse inside this magical place...



  1. Wonderful...I lived at the Chelsea Hotel too during the 1970s....great to see this. Thank you, xxBB*

  2. I slept there. Jobriath was a little distracted the whole time. First time I ever had peppermint tea! I looked in his large wooden wardrobe and discovered he had stolen a crew neck sweater that belonged to me, so I took a cardigan of his. Wish I had kept it.